Opened in February 2014, the Mecanica Gallery promotes artists from the Mecanic Art movement.

All forms of expression are represented by the gallery: paintings, sculptures, photographs etc.

The artists on display are from all the periods and trends of Mecanic Art. From the Montaut couple to Peter Klasen, to Nys, Mecanica Gallery sets out to defend these artists and shine a spotlight on a contemporary art movement accessible to a wide public.

Mecanica Gallery was founded by Patrick Laubie who, for the past twenty years, has been visiting galleries, studios and workshops  in search of artistic talent in the mechanic art field; artists who are able to blend art with the human genius for technology.

For a contact, join our head office:
10 rue de la Paix
75002 Paris
Tel. : +33 1 72 69 48 08