musee-indexOpened in 2011, the Montolza Museum in Cazals (Lot department) is the first museum entirely dedicated to artists from the Mecanic Art movement.

101 works of art are on display in the form of posters, cartoons, embroideries, postcards, drawings, newspapers, lithographs, photographs, paintings and stamps.

These 101 works highlight 101 critical years for humanity: from the birth of the Velocipede in 1868, which illustrated the beginning of the universal industrial race in Paris, followed shortly afterwards by the bicycle, the motorisation of the automobile, agriculture, sea travel and aeronautics, up to the conquest of space when man took his first steps on the moon in 1969.

For Patrick André LAUBIE, founder of the Montolza Mecanic Art Museum, an industrial and scientific career goes hand in hand with a research-based approach linked to the timeless, fundamental values of culture, spirituality and art.

The pioneers of the industrial revolutions of the 19th century prepared the way for a new artistic movement, Mecanic Art, offering interpretations, representations and appropriations of technological innovations.

The first museum of Mecanic Art is a tribute to those generations of artists and collectors who sought and who will continue to seek to share emotions and passion with their contemporaries and to preserve this heritage.

In 2011, the former Relais of Cazals, “Bastide Montolza”, became a new Art and Cultural Centre in the heart of the French South West, between Quercy and Périgod, the Lot and Dordogne, Cahors and Sarlat, a land of pioneers and artists for over 40,000 years…